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Welcome to Brettman.com

You have made your way to my own little world. Here you can check out pictures of my motorcycle, find links to auto/motorcycle manufacturers, accessory retailers and more! This site looks best when viewed using at least 800x600 screen resolution.

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Are you having a bit of a bad day? Then be sure to read The Trouble Tree.

In Other News

On February 12, 2004, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney signed House, No. 206, allowing motorcyclists the right of helmet "choice" in publicly permitted parades. This is now included in Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, Section 7. In part it reads "...except that no protective head gear shall be required if the motorcyclist is participating in a properly permitted public parade and is 18 years of age or older".

On February 1, 2010, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick issued the Commonwealth's Proclamation declaring March 22nd through April 30th "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Period." More...

About Brettman
I graduated from Worcester State College in 1998. While in college I worked part-time for Fallon Clinic here in Worcester. I worked in an office setting rather than actually at a clinic and performed such functions as data entry, document scanning and supervisory duties. In September 1998 I started working for Medical Information Technology, Inc. as a Programming Supervisor in the implementation division. I am responsible for providing technical support and implementing upgrades as well as programming customizations to the standard product.

When I'm not working I enjoy riding my motorcycle. I ride with a number of friends as a group as we traverse some wonderful roads throughout MA, NH, CT, RI and VT. Nothing beats getting out of the city and riding along tree lined roads. Whether simply enjoying some fine twisties or headed for some mountains we always have a great time. I also enjoy participating in charity rides such as the Toys For Tots ride which is held annually and draws 100's of motorcyclists bearing toys for the children. I've ridden in a number of charity events and the feeling of helping the cause is wonderful.

Stop by and visit the The New England Cruisers on Delphi Forums.


As you can tell I also enjoy a bit of online fun. I first created my site back in college and since then it has undergone many changes. My latest ambition was to eliminate the use of frames while still retaining consistency and ease of navigation. Although I'm not terribly talented in graphic design I was able to find a template that fit my needs and designed the site using that basic template as a starting point and tweaked it from there. I'm quite happy with the outcome as I think it provides a cleaner, less cluttered site.

There's also simply sitting down, relaxing and watching a good movie after a long day. You can check out my DVD collection at DVD Aficionado.


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