2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE

On November 28, 2006 I brought home my second Nissan Altima. I truly loved the first one and with the new features and subtle styling changes I just had to have the new one. It was that or I would have to replace the tires on my 2004. grin

This new Altima kicks out 270hp and does so without the torque-steer that my 2004 had. With the Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Trasmission) you get an even smoother acceleration adding to the joy of driving. With great features such as Bluetooth ®, satellite radio, MP3 playback and Intelligent Key she definitely caters to my "inner geek".

The interior is roomy and well laid out keeping things within easy reach and aesthetically appealing. Front occupants need not be concerned with cold seats in New England winters thanks to heated front seats. Rear passengers will also be kept more comfortable with rear seat vents.

Pictures & Specifications
Altima Specifications

While your here check out some pictures of my new baby

drivers_side_sm.jpg drivers_side_front_sm.jpg front_sm.jpg pass_side_front_sm.jpg pass_side_rear_sm.jpg rear_sm.jpg drivers_side_rear_sm.jpg pass_corner_sm.jpg taillight_sm.jpg dash_left_sm.jpg dash_sm.jpg dash_right_sm.jpg console_sm.jpg backseat_sm.jpg kickplate_sm.jpg rim_sm.jpg trunk_sm.jpg
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