2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad

On February 24, 2007 I purchased my brand new 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad. grin

I have been feeling ready to ride again for quite some time now that my ankle has healed from my accident in spring of 2006. With spring fast approaching I began my shopping. I had already decided that the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad would indeed be my next scooter. I like the classic styling combined with the sweeping hard bags. With the updated looks, including stretched tank and chrome passenger grab rails, the Nomad was even more appealing.

I shopped. Then I shopped some more. Then, for good measure, I shopped just a little more!

I finally negotiated a deal I was happy with and the rest as they say is history. Of course, with snow still falling and plenty more still sitting in mounds at the sides of the streets this is no time to be getting on two wheels. No problem! My dealer is more than understanding of the weather and was more than happy to postpone actual delivery until the weather breaks and I can ride it home. After all, it's merely a few weeks down the road.

I couldn't possibly make the readers of Brettman.com wait weeks to get a glimpse of the new ride though. So, without further adieu, here are some photos, courtesy of "Mama K", to give you a sneek peek of my new Candy Cardinal Red and Metallic Titanium beauty.


On April 7, 2007 I rode my new Nomad home from the dealership. I was a bit cold but thankfully I had installed the wiring for my electric gloves before riding off. grin

It wasn't a very long trip, only about 25 miles, but was enough to really start the blood pumping and get used to the new bike. I can hardly wait to get some warmer temps to help make the ride even more enjoyable.

Pictures & Specifications
Vulcan Nomad 1600 Specifications

Some shots of my new ride!

graphics/2007Nomad/VN1600D7FA_front_sm.jpg graphics/2007Nomad/VN1600D7FA_left_sm.jpg graphics/2007Nomad/VN1600D7FA_right_sm.jpg

Finally home where she belongs...

graphics/2007Nomad/at_home_right_sm.jpg graphics/2007Nomad/at_home_left_sm.jpg

A little support...


Laconia 2007


Here is a list of the accessories I have added to further personalize my bike and add a bit of sparkle. grin

I have provided links to all the manufacturers and vendors that have a presence on the web which will open in a separate window for your convenience.

Click on the camerasm.gif next to any accessory for a photo of that accessory installed on my bike. If the text "(see note)" appears, simply move your mouse over that accessory to see the note.

Item Manufacturer Qty Stock # Vendor Installed Photo
Watch this space as I add accessories to customize my Nomad! camerasm.gif
Chrome Choke Knob Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-172 Hooksett Kawasaki April 14, 2007 camerasm.gif
Dually ISO™-Pegs w/ off-set mounts Küryakyn 1 pr 7993 Küryakyn April 22, 2007 camerasm.gif
Saddlebag Shelves Edmonds Enterprises 1 pr n/a Edmonds Enterprises April 30, 2007
ISO™-Grips Küryakyn 1 pr 6235 Küryakyn May 06, 2007
Lightbar Cobra 1 2001-0074 Central Mass Powersports June 09, 2007 camerasm.gif
Pinstriping Letterfly     Letterfly June 10, 2007 camerasm.gif
Saddlebag Top Rails Kawasaki 1 pr K53020-173C Hooksett Kawasaki June 15, 2007 camerasm.gif
Mustang Wide Vintage
3-piece Seat
Mustang 1 79351 Hooksett Kawasaki June 15, 2007 camerasm.gif
Windshield Bag Kawasaki 1 K53000-231 Hooksett Kawasaki June 16, 2007 camerasm.gif
Rear Rack Kawasaki 1 K53020-362 Hooksett Kawasaki June 16, 2007 camerasm.gif
Item Manufacturer Qty Stock # Vendor Installed Photo
Brake Pedal Cover Küryakyn 1 8857 Hooksett Kawasaki May 10, 2008
Nomad Emblems JetGlow Emblems 1 NM - NOMAD JetGlow Emblems May 18, 2008 camerasm.gif
Chrome Inner Engine Cover Kawasaki 1 K53020-196 Central Mass Powersports May 18, 2008 camerasm.gif
Handlebar Control Covers Küryakyn 1 9117 Hooksett Kawasaki June 23, 2008
Saddlebag Side Rails Kawasaki 1 K53020-365 Hooksett Kawasaki June 28, 2008
Desert Dawgs Engine Guard Chaps Leader Motorsports Accessories 1 KN-40P Hooksett Kawasaki  
Phat Risers II Scootworks 1 KN-40P   June 28, 2008
(see note)
Add On Accessories 2 678-018 WingStuff.com July 11, 2008


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