1985 Pontiac 6000

Here it is, my very first car! I believe it was in September of 1991 that I bought this car from my parents. There were no power options or A/C. It did have an after-market sunroof though which helped on those hot summer days. This was the base model 6000 with a 4-cylinder 2.5 liter engine under the hood. Oh yeah, she was cookin' the tires. LOL!

Unfortunately my days with her were numbered. Within about 4 months I had an accident which totaled the car. I had hit a telephone pole after spinning around 360°. I got out relatively unscathed but there was no hope for the car. The frame had been bent and there was considerable damage to the engine and dash area.


This was the only picture I could find which I think was taken about a year before I started driving it.


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