1992 Pontiac Firebird Formula

On August 14, 1999 I became the proud owner of this fine automobile! I bought it from my friend Glenn who was the original owner. The Formula is well equipped with features including A/C, t-tops, power locks, power windows, power trunk release and has a black cloth interior.

In 1992 the Formula came standard with Pontiac's WS6 performance package which included 16-inch wheels, stiffer shocks, larger front and rear anti-sway bars and dual outlet exhaust.

This car sure was a lot of fun to drive and was certainly a looker. grin

The Formula was a big change after having been driving the Grand Marquis. Obviously you can't even compare the two vehicles since they're in completely different classes. This car drove like it was on rails!


These pictures were taken when I test drove her and decided I just had to have her!

brett_bird_sm.jpg bird_side_sm.jpg bird_frt_sm.jpg

These pictures were taken after nose to tail "cosmetic surgery" in July of 2002. She was stripped down to primer, block sanded and painted. Then, a stock decal kit was applied to complete the process.

bird_painted_driver_sm.jpg bird_painted_rear_sm.jpg bird_painted_pass_sm.jpg bird_painted_driver_2_sm.jpg bird_painted_front_sm.jpg bird_painted_rear_sm.jpg
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