The road calls...

So how did it all begin?

My Dad has ridden motorcycles as long as I can remember. I started riding as his passenger when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Although I don’t explicitly recall, he tells me that since my feet wouldn’t reach the buddy pegs he bought some highway pegs and clamped them to the frame where I could reach. I was hooked.

As I grew up and went on more rides with my Dad I knew that I just had to have a bike of my own someday. I couldn’t get enough, any time I would get the chance I would gladly go for a ride. We used to make trips to the store on the bike as well and I would carry back whatever we bought ... a gallon of milk ... a case of soda ... 2 1/2 gallons of gas ... watermelon ... anything.

But alas, I then found myself in high school and a motorcycle would be far from practical. What would I do in the rain? the snow? This is New England after all and the weather is anything but perfect. So like most I got a car and life was good. After all, you can’t pack all your friends on a motorcycle and go hang out on the weekends.

Time went on and in a way I guess you could say I forgot about the desire to have a motorcycle. I still went on rides with my Dad but was quite content just being a passenger.

That all seemed to change rather dramatically during my senior year of college. Suddenly the mere sound of a passing motorcycle would snap my head around trying to catch a glimpse. I began to notice just how many bikes were on the road and wanted to join them. The road was calling my name. Being a student and only working part time prevented me from answering the call though.

In 1998, having graduated college and now working full–time the time was right. I stopped into a nearby dealership just to have a look. That was all it took. I saw a used bike that I was sure I just had to have. I was so excited when I told my Dad about it and how I wanted to buy that bike. Not getting overly excited my Dad encouraged me to look at other dealerships and see what was out there before I jumped at the first bike that caught my attention. So, without further adieu, I went to a few more dealerships. There it was, gleaming in the showroom even better than the used bike I wanted so bad. I laid eyes on a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 750. This was incidentally the same bike just newer and with a better (in my opinion) paint scheme. I sat on this one as well as a few others that caught my eye but this turned out to be the one I purchased.

That was it. Now that I started riding I found that I really loved getting out there and cruising around. I couldn’t imagine not owning a motorcycle now. Whether I’m riding in an organized event, enjoying a weekend ride with friends or running an errand there is just something great about riding.

Motorcycle Rights Involvement

Those who know me are well aware that I tend to refrain from getting into “political” conversations. Each person holds their own views and opinions and are certainly entitled, I simply choose not to debate. However I also believe that if one doesn’t at least make their opinion known to the right people then one has no right to complain.

In recent years I have found myself more involved (albeit minimally) with motorcyclists rights issues. I support the MMA , ABATE PAC of Massachusetts and their efforts at the Statehouse as well as the AMA whose efforts also encompass the federal level.

Storm the Statehouse 2004 pre–ride rally

Storm the Statehouse 2005 — This is a screen capture of the news clip as we rolled into Boston. Yours truly acheiving one second of fame as I roll past a state trooper without a helmet thanks to Governor Romney signing House Bill No. 206.


Ride Reports

Hooters Motorcycle Day 2000

Long Island Weekend Excursion

SaddleSore 1000 Ride Report

Rolling Thunder XXI


Useful tips

How to deal with a dead battery


Motorcycle related poetry

Motorcyclist’s Prayer

Lord, thank you for the open air.
The feel of wind blowing through my hair.
Just me alone upon my bike.
The thrill of freedom’s what I like.
To wind through country unexplored.
Not knowing what I’ll see next Lord.
That’s what I seek when off I ride.
I'm thankful that you’re by my side.
If I should ride ’til morning’s light.
Please keep me safe throughout the night.
And when I’ve come to journey’s end.
It’s you I’ll thank – Protector, Friend.

Thunder Road by Susan A Rice

Oh gee Oh joy!
I just got my new toy.
The pipes are hot
So ready or not

The sound is loud
Like thunder in the cloud
For that I am proud!

Now I have to go
To the Doc before the first snow
Because of my pipes so new
My eardrum I finally blew

Biking by Kirsty St.Pierre (Age: 12)

Biking is awesome
On motorcycles, I mean
I just love riding
On my grandfather’s machine
The pipes are roaring
Revving up the engine loud
When the group goes by
We attract stares from the crowd
Biking is awesome
I really mean it, it’s cool
Most riders are great
So to them please don’t be cruel

Brett’s Love by Susan A Rice

I’m here and I’m stuck inside
All I want to do is go out for a ride
But I guess I can handle it
Promised Mom I wouldn’t have a fit.
But instead of riding around
I am to my desk bound!

No riding my baby this day
I’m stuck in side, but I wanna play
Gonna have to deal with my lot
Until I can get to her in the parking lot!

Then I’m out of here just wait and see
This is the last you’ll have seen of me.
I’m not coming back that’s for sure
I’m goin’ on that bike tour

Then my baby reminds me of one fact,
That I need to go back
Because with out my monthly checks
I can’t go on any bike treks

So it is to work I will return
But it is for the road I still yearn
And now I know why I work and toil
So I can buy my baby gas and oil!


Past Motorcycles

1999 Vulcan 1500 Classic

Classic styling, plenty of power and beautiful paint scheme.

1999 Vulcan 750

My first motorcycle!

This cartoon has been used with permission from Paul Jamiol. Be sure to check out Paul’s site, Jamiol’s World for more great ’toons.