Phone Timeline

A walk–thru of the phones I’ve owned over the years. It’s interesting to see how the devices themselves have changed over time.

1998 — Motorola® MicroTAC 650e

There was a time when I carried a pager in the mid 90’s but in January of 1998 I decided to make the leap to a cell phone and have had one ever since.

My first phone was, in it’s day, quite a phone. There were no selfie cameras back then and a phone did just what you expected, you made phone calls and talked to people. Things weren’t exactly cheap either since you typically paid per minute rates which would vary between peak and off-peak times. As a result I generally only used my phone for emergencies and the occasional real quick call.

Trying to dig up specs on this dinosaur proved to be nearly impossible so I simply included some of the major features that were touted on the box at the time.



  • 10 Character Color Display
  • 2 Dedicated One–Touch Dial Keys
  • 9 TurboDial Keys
  • Dedicated Battery Meter
  • Dedicated Signal Strength Meter
  • Last Number Recall
  • Headset Capable
  • Data Capable
  • Multiple Ringer Styles
  • Charger Included
  • Multi–Language Capable