Phone Timeline

A walk–thru of the phones I’ve owned over the years. It’s interesting to see how the devices themselves have changed over time.

2001 — Motorola® StarTAC

In a strange twist of irony, this phone series was first brought on the scene in 1996. It was the first clamshell style phone as well as the smallest phone available. Motorola® had a winner on their hands for sure which is also evident from the fact that the StarTAC continued into the early 2000’s with basically just feature changes.

I wasn’t able to dig up anything concrete but I believe the model I had was the ST7868. I’m partially basing this on the fact that I do recall the one I had being a tri mode phone. I specifically wanted tri mode for increased odds I would get a signal when I was off the beaten path. I had a bit of trouble trying to find specifics or even a good picture but here’s a representative photo. The StarTAC didn’t change a lot in overall appearance.