On May 24, 2008, myself, my Dad, my neice Kirsty, my cousin Lisa, Paul Cote and Rick Gleason headed down to Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder XXI. This marked my second trip down and was the first for Paul and Rick. The weather Gods blessed us with beautiful weather for the entire trip which made the ride quite enjoyable.

We took a rather leisurely route including some interstate and a fair amount of back roads including the Delaware Water Gap which is always great. The worst incident we had was a blown taillight which is hardly a problem at all. We replaced it at the next stop and motored on! Rick had an issue with his headlight bulb but since it was daylight that didn't pose an issue either. He was able to find a replacement from a vender at the Pentagon and we changed it out in the parking lot.

Lots of pictures from the event are available in my gallery.


Meeting Robert Patrick
While walking around the Pentagon North parking lot we ran into Robert Patrick who was kind enough to pose for a picture.




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